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As a stem cell company at the cutting edge of Regenerative Medicine, EHC (European Health Clinic) is dedicated to developing technologies and protocols for safe and effective treatments utilizing adult stem cells derived from the umbilical cord.

European Health Clinic offers a comprehensive range of stem cell solutions for the treatment of different kinds of diseases. Our main focus is helping people get back to good health through stem cell treatment. We have association with the leading hospitals, research institutions and medical colleges specializing in regenerative medicine to offer cost – effective healthcare.

Around the world, emerging technologies and advancements in stem cell therapies are driving major changes in healthcare. With the use of potent mesenchymal stem cells isolated from the tissue of umbilical cord, damaged cells are replaced by new cells. This makes the symptoms of the diseases disappear. We are passionate about the latest developments in stem cell therapies and strive to deliver safe and effective treatment options to patients world over at the highest medical standards.

As the leading stem cell therapy company. European Health Clinic takes care of each and every section of the Medical Trip to Dubia. We ensure our patients get the best healthcare service by bringing in place, the renowned multispecialty hospitals, latest stem cell treatments, economical accommodations and travel options for the patients.


Our vision is to provide effective healthcare services to patients all over the world fast and hassle. For this, we work closely with some of the best medical centers and research institutions in providing stem cell therapeutic solutions to our patients. Our work is to redesign and deliver the best treatment possible for the safe and fast recovery of patients and make their journey towards good health ‘ as stress – free as possible. 


Our mission is to provide the international patients visiting in Dubai, the satisfaction of best treatment for any kind of disease. The face of healthcare has changed over the years and so, have the healthcare costs. We have a professional team that takes care of every need of international patients, from appointment to accommodation. Through our network of internationally accredited hospitals and research clinics, we provide reliable and bespoke assistance. Seeing patients getting healthier and happier is what make us happy.

European Health Clinic Ensure

We realize that the international patients looking for treatment in Emirates have special needs and requirements. Our medical expertise with great hospitality and paying attention to the details that will impact in your well – being. EHC (EUROPEAN HEALTH CLINIC) has a network of strategic alliances and collaborations with leading hospitals and healthcare companies, as well as world – renowned research and clinical institutions in Emirates. With our distinctive contacts and capabilities, and by utilizing certain approaches to minimize risk and fatigue. We assure that best practices are applied ensuring your safety and quick recovery.


Most cells in the body have a specific function in particular organs, such as the liver, skin or brain, Stem cells are relatively undifferentiated and have the ability to develop into different types of cells to exert specialized functions. Among stem cell’s most notable characteristic is its ability to proliferate into a completely new, normal, and even younger cell. As a result, people can use their autologous or allogenic stem cells, or stem cell derived tissues or organs, to replace ill or aging tissues or organs, thus, enabling treatments for a wide range of diseases and injuries, many of which cannot be treated with traditional medical methods. In addition to proliferating new cells and providing cell replacement, an important function of mesenchymal or tissue stem cells is to provide the body with other cell factors in a paracrine manner.

These cell factors help in the following functions:

  • Immune regulation Decrease cell apoptosis (death)
  • Stimulate the differentiation of the patient’s own stem cells
  • Promote neo angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels resulting in increased blood flow to damaged areas)
  • Reduce scarring




It is important to note that there is generally very little to no concern by informed or unbiased scientists about stem cells derived from cord blood, cord tissue or bone marrow, unlike embryonic / fetal stem cells. Researchers are currently finding ways to use adult stem cells to attack tumors and treat cancer patients. All batches of stem cells undergo final testing before they are packed for clinical application. During this process they are checked for potency by cell counting and viability assays. The purity of the stem cells is confirmed by differentiation assay, sterility testing and testing for the presence or absence of CD markers. The comprehensive quality control evaluation also includes assays for mycoplasma, endotoxins and karyotyping. Once the stem cells are deemed safe, each unit is considered fit to be released for therapy.



A majority of patients treated by EHC (EUROPEAN HEALTH CLINIC)  had the following disorders. However, there are other neurological and vascular diseases that are a part of the patient base. Detailed information is available on request.



Contrary to what some may think, Neurological Stem Cell Therapy isn’t a sole treatment for a single kind of disease. Nor are neurological syndromes restricted only to the brain. A neurological disease is a disorder or complaint that affects any portion of the body’s nervous system. These can consist of the elementary physical structure, biochemistry or electrical functioning of the brain, the spinal cord, or any nerves connected to them. The symptoms can run the gamut including paralysis, muscular complications, trouble with coordination, losing physical sensations, experiencing seizures, confusion, pain, or shifts in one’s sense of cognizance. Each region of the brain and spinal cord has its own specialty cells. The neurological stem cell therapy treatments at European Health Clinic concentrates on isolating and intensifying the patient’s own adult Neural Stem Cells from each area that is to be involved in treatment. This is done by reaping a sample of the patient’s own fatty tissue that is found just underneath the skin. With this progressive technique, NSI can relieve the symptoms of a varied variety of neurological ailments, such as Autism and Multiple Sclerosis.

How Neurological Stem Cell Therapy Works

All adult stem cells have the aptitude to be transformed into whatever kind of cell the body needs. But those that are stowed in the fat that forms around our upper legs, stomach area and buttocks are particularly potent. Moreover, these highly regenerative adult stem cells are found in particular profusion in our fat, making harvesting not only easier but the sample size much smaller than harvesting from other zones like bone marrow. Neurological stem cell therapy “assigns new adult stem cells the tasks of becoming the exact varieties of cells required for the re growth and regeneration of missing, malfunctioning or incapacitated tissue, bone, blood elements or neural cells. Once processed and revaccinated into the patient, the newly assigned adult stem cells always remain the particular type they have become. In the case of neurological ailments, the two chief objectives of neurological stem cell therapy are 1.) to help in the regeneration and repair of neural circuitry and 2.) excrete protective factors that protect cells already working at a healthy level. Another imperative objective of neurological stem cell therapy is to deter or, if and whenever possible, altogether stop the weakening of cellular matter that neurological ailments or injuries might cause.


Our eyes are one of the most significant organs in our body. Through it, we are able to see things and do our errands efficiently. The human eye is a complex yet imperative organ of our body filled with nerves, a lens, liquid and more. This organ gives us the aptitude to envisage the world in different colors, shapes and dimensions; centered on the reflection and refraction norm. In our eye, several major constituents work concurrently to capture and transmit the image to the occipital lobe of the brain through optic nerves. Separate info from left and right eye is directed to the brain through these nerve impulses. This info is then combined by our brain for determining the distance and profundity of the image so as to envisage full three-dimensional images. The upward and downward muscular movement of the eye is monitored by superior and interior rectus muscles. whereas the side movement and staying in level is controlled with the assistance of medial and lateral rectus muscles. These muscles are in turn controlled over with the aid of oculomotor nerves. To prevent the frictional impairment from these movements, the tears are released by lacrymal glands, which can improve lubrication, confiscate foreign objects and avert bacterial infection.

Occipital lobe is the portion of central nervous system, accountable for deciphering vision. Thus, any impairment to optic nerve can sternly affect central vision, peripheral vision and color vision of an individual. The functional aberration in any of the above major constituents might cause serious eye glitches; which if overlooked, might gradually result in vision loss. Thus, there are a number of eye conditions such as retinopathy or some forms of corneal sicknesses, which can be very upsetting for some of the patients; where as some of the other disorders can be so subtle that they can be routinely treated by an ophthalmologist.



Using stem cells to more effectually decelerate aging and reverse the signs of ageing is not a new idea, but it is now becoming better acknowledged in the general public. Here, we are thrilled to be assisting patients like you look and feel 20 years younger! Stem cell anti – aging therapy is the most progressive and contemporary approach available for slowing, and even reversing, the ageing procedure in humans. Furthermore, anti – aging stem cell therapy helps fortify the remaining cells so they last longer. Eyeing for diverse skin rejuvenation therapy? You have come to the right place as stem cell therapy can be used for skin and face renovation. Aging is a very natural but astonishingly complex process everybody goes through as they get older. The course of aging is one where the cells of the body become gradually impaired over time because of normal wear and tear and exposure. Finally, those cells expire. Some cells are supplanted as they decease but it is never quick enough to compensate totally for the cells dying off. Thus, the signs of aging start to appear. New stem cells and related therapies are demonstrating to be very useful at slowing down or, in some circumstances, even reversing this natural aging procedure. Stem cells have a unique regenerative and anti-aging effect that aids to repair organs, tissue sand cells that have been impaired by stress and / or exposure to toxins and contaminants. This is why stem cell therapy is one of the most focused and contemporary medical discoveries nowadays. Naturally. stem cell application helps embolden new healthy cell growth so the body stays healthy and sturdy, unlike old – style anti – aging technology and treatments that only treat the surface symptoms instead of the source of the problem.


Tissue injury happening after ischemic, toxic or inflammatory insults results in cell demise and perhaps to organ failure. The regeneration procedure taking place thereafter might lead to the complete repair of the impaired tissue or, in partial/altered remodeling, in tissue fibrosis and blemishing. This might depend on the intrinsic capability of diverse tissues to repair as well as on the entity and perseverance of the injury. In this situation, stem cell therapy can be observed as a promising choice in two diverse ways. The first is as a ” support “mechanism, in which stem cells are used to promote complete tissue repair and avoid damaging fibrosis. The other is the ” replace ” option, in which stem cells segregate and substitute for impaired cells, providing an alternative to organ transplantation. This is of specific need in therapy for chronic organ failure. Multi potent marrow stromal cells are the most established kind of stem cells for organ repair and the most progressive in clinical development. The conceivable applications of multi potent marrow stromal cells in the repair of kidney, heart and brain were discoursed and also their potential negative effects were discussed. A whole view of the complex identity of these multi potent cells, identified as per vascular cells in diverse organs, is provided. They recommend a role for per vascular stem cells as originators of mesenchymal stem cells and contemplate their possible physiological role in tissue regeneration. There is a common agreement that the mechanism of the beneficial effect of multi potent stromal cells in organ repair is owing to a ” support ” mechanism rather than to their differentiation. In this light, it was reviewed that the intriguing likelihood of using bio products of stem cells such as micro vesicles, in place of the cells to support renewal in impaired organs, such as the liver and kidney, and offer a novel, and perhaps easier, methodology to stem cell therapy.