European Health Clinic

As a stem cell company at the cutting edge of Regenerative Medicine, EHC (European Health Clinic) is dedicated to developing technologies and protocols for safe and effective treatments utilizing adult stem cells derived from the umbilical cord.

European Health Clinic offers a comprehensive range of stem cell solutions for the treatment of different kinds of diseases. Our main focus is helping people get back to good health through stem cell treatment. We have association with the leading hospitals, research institutions and medical colleges specializing in regenerative medicine to offer cost – effective healthcare.

Around the world, emerging technologies and advancements in stem cell therapies are driving major changes in healthcare. With the use of potent mesenchymal stem cells isolated from the tissue of umbilical cord, damaged cells are replaced by new cells. This makes the symptoms of the diseases disappear. We are passionate about the latest developments in stem cell therapies and strive to deliver safe and effective treatment options to patients world over at the highest medical standards.

As the leading stem cell therapy company. European Health Clinic takes care of each and every section of the Medical Trip to Dubia. We ensure our patients get the best healthcare service by bringing in place, the renowned multispecialty hospitals, latest stem cell treatments, economical accommodations and travel options for the patients.


Our vision is to provide effective healthcare services to patients all over the world fast and hassle. For this, we work closely with some of the best medical centers and research institutions in providing stem cell therapeutic solutions to our patients. Our work is to redesign and deliver the best treatment possible for the safe and fast recovery of patients and make their journey towards good health ‘ as stress – free as possible. 


Our mission is to provide the international patients visiting in Dubai, the satisfaction of best treatment for any kind of disease. The face of healthcare has changed over the years and so, have the healthcare costs. We have a professional team that takes care of every need of international patients, from appointment to accommodation. Through our network of internationally accredited hospitals and research clinics, we provide reliable and bespoke assistance. Seeing patients getting healthier and happier is what make us happy.

European Health Clinic Ensure

We realize that the international patients looking for treatment in Emirates have special needs and requirements. Our medical expertise with great hospitality and paying attention to the details that will impact in your well – being. EHC (EUROPEAN HEALTH CLINIC) has a network of strategic alliances and collaborations with leading hospitals and healthcare companies, as well as world – renowned research and clinical institutions in Emirates. With our distinctive contacts and capabilities, and by utilizing certain approaches to minimize risk and fatigue. We assure that best practices are applied ensuring your safety and quick recovery.