Laser therapy at the European Laser Clinic

One of the most important technologies in the world that is used in European clinics. 

Laser therapy with 4th generation laser devices. The 4th generation laser device is very different from the 4th class (high power) laser device. Class 4 laser device can be 4th generation. The 4th generation device means devices that have a wide variety of wavelengths and a wide range of therapeutic frequencies and can be used on the skin, intratissue, intravenous, systemic, etc.

Europe Clinic is one of the most equipped clinics in the world in the field of laser therapy and has almost all the latest technologies in the world in the field of laser therapy.

First, we explain what laser therapy is, and then in the next section, laser devices and their applications are explained.

Laser therapy can be used by a low-power laser device (cold laser or warm laser) or a high-power laser device whose probe output has a wide area. In old laser therapy technologies, only red and infrared lasers were used, but in new technologies, violet, blue, green, yellow, red, orange and infrared colors are used. Laser therapy with old technologies was used to treat pain.

But today, with technological advances in this field, there is almost no field of medicine where laser therapy is not used, but new applications are only possible with the 4th generation low-power laser.

Some applications of the 4th generation low-power laser include wound treatment, grade 1, 2, and 3 arthritis treatment, treatment and control of muscle, tendon, ligament, bone diseases, hair loss treatment, treatment of many diseases related to dentistry, rejuvenation, and acne treatment. Resistant to acne scar treatment, burn treatment, treatment and control of diabetes complications, tendonitis treatment, osteomyelitis treatment, sciatica and sciatica hernia treatment, psoriasis treatment, vitiligo treatment, blood pressure treatment, inflammation treatment, systemic and superficial infection treatment and local, fissure and hemorrhoid treatment, vaginal dryness treatment, cancer treatment with photodynamic therapy and photoimmunotherapy techniques and many other applications.

If your question is not in this collection and you want to know if laser therapy is used for it and in what form, contact us.

Therefore, as stated, the new technologies of laser therapy in the European clinic in combination with other regenerative medicine methods allow a wide range of diseases to be treated. Laser therapy, like many Western medicine methods, is not based on eliminating the symptoms of the disease and is a therapeutic process. The reason for the effectiveness of laser therapy is that if the 4th generation laser is used, different chloroforms (photoreceptors) of the body, which play an essential role in regeneration and renewal, are activated, and the reason is that the 4th generation laser has the energy required for activation. It creates them.

There are several devices in the European clinic. Bed light machine, super pulse laser 4th generation, intratissue laser 4th generation, shower laser 4th generation, laser pen 4th generation, acupuncture laser 4th generation, sublingual laser 4th generation, sub knee laser 4th generation, venous laser 4th generation and…
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Stem cell treatment at the European Clinic, UAE branch

Stem cells are growth factors and natural repair elements in the body. Every day, stem cells are released from their centers and sources in the body and circulate in the blood, and whenever a part of the body is damaged, they move to the damaged area and in that area, by turning into damaged tissues Seen, they repair the body. It is in the same way that when a healthy person gets a wound, after a while, the wound heals spontaneously.But if a person is sick, such as a lack of certain nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or if there is chronic inflammation in the body, stem cells cannot perform their role properly and carry out the repair process. In these patients, after the injury, the wound does not heal or the wound healing takes a long time. For example, the pain caused by arthritis is due to the body’s inability to repair and build cartilage. Especially with increasing age, the number of stem cells decreases and the regeneration processes become slower due to the weakness of the body and the reduction of the body’s metabolism. So the disease progresses until the body is no longer able to repair it. Currently, drug therapy is suggested for some diseases, while most of the time it is not a cure and sometimes it has a control role and has many side effects.
 At the European Laser Clinic, we offer non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques that are natural and have no complications. This treatment can also be used for a wide range of diseases that currently have no drug treatment. In addition to beauty, they can also be used in therapy. Now there are safe, natural problem alternatives. It is very effective for treating pain, chronic diseases, stress, heart problems, respiratory problems, neurodegenerative diseases and even maintaining and reversing the aging process at the European Laser Clinic.

Stem cell treatment in combination with advanced PRP (platelet-rich plasma), hyper narrow laser therapy, vitamin therapy, oxygen therapy, peptide therapy, detoxification in the body leads to improvement and activation of regeneration and renewal mechanisms. It is in the body. Europe Laser Clinic, with its medical staff and specialized medical engineering team, using the most effective and safest methods in the world in the field of beauty and treatment, has different branches in Germany, Portugal, UAE and India.

Functional medicine in the European clinic

The human body has self-healing properties. Functional medicine first examines the factors harmful to health and then focuses on the root causes that endanger this health, such as toxins, natural factors, genetic factors, incorrect dietary and personal habits, and then internal mechanisms for themselves. Activates natural healing.Many western medicine medicines work to control the symptoms of the disease, while functional medicine focuses on the self-healing properties and the body’s ability to regenerate.Although the length of the treatment may be long, it is considered a therapeutic and basic method for improving the body structure, and it has advantages that include faster recovery of the body, the use of low-complication or uncomplicated and minimally invasive techniques, detoxification, strengthening the function of the immune system. , improving the function of the glands, improving the function of the heart, brain and lungs, reversing the aging process, increasing the energy level and metabolism of the body, improving the nutritional status of the body and emphasizing the organicity of the diet, improving the hormonal secretions of the body and ultimately leading the body to health.Europe Clinic, managed by Mr. Dr. Michael Weber, offers this valuable service in all its branches. contact us. 

Exosome therapy at the European Laser Clinic

Exosome therapy is a minimally invasive non-cellular method used in rejuvenation, degenerative diseases, nerve, muscle, skin, and bone injuries. Exosome treatment is a treatment that includes growth factors, messenger RNA, micro RNA, cytokines and other biologically active molecules. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles that contain specific genetic information for regeneration and are released naturally and known as cell-to-cell information transfer particles. Exosomes play a vital role in rejuvenating body cells.Europe Clinic, managed by Mr. Dr. Michael Weber, offers this valuable service. Rejuvenation, hair loss, scar treatment in combination with laser, treatment of skeletal and muscular system problems, tendon problems, treatment of all types of arthritis and pain, treatment of advanced wounds and control of the aging process are some of the applications of this method. Contact us.

Naturopathic treatment (natural based treatments)

These natural treatments include diet therapy, exercise and stress management with a specialized team. These plans include:

• Self-treatment by identifying and removing obstacles to recovery and nutritional therapy instead of drug therapy (under the supervision of a team of specialist doctors based on the type of disease)

• Treating physical and mental problems by treating the mind and spirit instead of working on the symptoms (root treatment and the cause of the disease)

• Control of chronic diseases without side effects of drugs• Helping to change the lifestyle and nutrition style and self-care training

 It should be noted that this treatment method is combined with Western medicine, Chinese medicine, Indian medicine and Iranian medicine if necessary, and this therapeutic targeting is different based on the specialized medical team and based on the patient and the type of disease.Europe Clinic, managed by, is ready to offer this valuable and natural service to patients from all over the world.

oxygen therapy in the European clinic

The effectiveness of the oxygenation therapy according to Regelsberger with its different indications has until now only been substantiated through numerous experiential reports and survey results during the application of this method. Precise studies on a sufficient number of patients are not available. The assumed mode of action of the IOT is already better understood. It has been substantiated that after IOT eosinophilia granulocytes in the blood practically always greatly increase, and that the enzyme 15- Lipoxygenase-1 that participates in the inhibition of inflammation is increasingly formed in these eosinophils. This could at least partially explain the repeatedly observed good effectiveness of the IOT with many chronic inflammatory diseases.

Furthermore, it has been substantiated that after IOT the production of the tissue hormone prostacyclin greatly increases. Amongst other effects prostacyclin has vasodilatory, oedema flushing, bronchodilatatory, antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and antimetastatic effects. These characteristics of prostacyclin at least partially explain the good effect of IOT with arteriosclerosis related diseases, but also with chronic inflammatory diseases.

In a not yet published study in cooperation with the Institute for Clinical Immunology at the Charité in Berlin we were able to show that the tumor necrosis factor (TNF-o) that is co-responsible for the inflammatory process decreases after IOT by an amount that is statistically significant. Arteriosclerosis and inflammation – main indication areas of the IOT – are causally associated with oxidative stress. The positive experiences during the treatment of these diseases with IOT allow it to be conjectured, that through the low level and often repeated oxidative stress that is caused through the intravenous application of molecular oxygen the body’s own ant oxidative defense mechanisms are stimulated and trained, whereby it comes to an adaptation towards oxidative stress. In effect it was possible to significantly increase the activity of the antioxidative enzyme Paraoxonase-1 after IOT [8]. Hereby it has been substantiated that the intravenous oxygen therapy stimulates the endogenous defense against oxidative stress in the sense of a preconditioning.

oxygen therapy is a special service from the European Clinic. In this method, oxygen therapy is performed in an environment that has an environmental pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, which is called a. The treatment method of hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows the blood flow to deliver more oxygen to the tissues and organs of the body and ultimately causes the activation of many regenerative mechanisms in the body. This method is used in cases such as chronic fatigue, improvement and strengthening of mental and cognitive activities, brain problems, wound healing, prevention of stroke and treatment of heart and brain stroke complications, prevention of aging, treatment of covid complications, helping to improve chronic diseases and Preventing them, treating erectile dysfunction (impotence) and strengthening sexual powers, treating chronic pain, treating children’s attention deficit disorder, and treating children’s hyperactivity, etc. This method can be used in combination with other methods and other reconstructive medicine methods that are performed in the European clinic, which can be used to treat, prevent and prevent the recurrence of many diseases and make the treatment methods last longer.

Vitamin therapy at the European Laser Clinic

Vitamin therapy or IV therapy is one of the most effective treatments in the discussion of regeneration and health. In this method, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants needed by the person are injected intravenously with therapeutic doses.The difference between European clinic in vitamin therapy and other clinics is that vitamin therapy will be completely specific for each person and based on intracellular blood tests that can only be performed in advanced countries of the world. In other clinics around the world, the vitamin therapy package is considered and injected, but in the European laser clinic, this package is based on the needs of the individual’s body. 

The test to measure intracellular parameters can be done in very advanced countries such as Germany, and even countries such as the UAE and Portugal do not currently have this test. At the European Laser Clinic, it is possible to send a blood sample for such a test. Tests to measure vitamins and other blood parameters in most parts of the world are extracellular, which is not accurate. For example, after a period of D3 consumption, the extracellular blood test may show an increase of this vitamin more than the normal and standard value, while inside the cell, which is important, there is a lack of vitamin D3. 

This exceptional test and service is specific to different branches of the European Clinic. Also, this intracellular test shows toxic and oxidant parameters in the cell that In addition to this very VIP method for vitamin therapy in the European clinic, there are vitamin therapy packages, fat burning, detoxification, increasing energy, relieving fatigue, strengthening the immune and anti-inflammatory systems, etc., based on the opinion of the medical team and under the supervision of Dear Mr. Dr. Michael Weber, it is done. It should be noted that due to the fact that one of Dr. Michael Weber’s specialties is mitochondrial medicine and diseases are also defined in terms of mitochondrial damage, the treatment of many diseases is based on this special test and with a medicinal dose of vitamin can be done.

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Shock wave therapy in the European clinic

Shock wave therapy is a practical and relatively old method in the treatment of male impotence and problems of the musculoskeletal system. This method is usedfor all types of tendon, muscle and skeletal injuries. Nowadays, shock wave therapy is also used in stem cell treatment and cancer treatment.Both types of shock wave technology, one focused (FSWT) and the other radial (RSWT) can be performed in the European clinic. Shockwave therapy is used for tissue regeneration, pain relief, improving the function of damaged tissues, eliminating calcium deposits in muscles, shortening the treatment period for bone, muscle, tendon, ligament injuries, etc.In the discussion of stem cell treatment, shockwave technology can be used to direct stem cells to different areas of the body. 

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Ozone dialysis at the European Laser Clinic

BO2 treatment is treatment through oxygen therapy and ozone therapy of blood outside the body. This method cleans the blood from toxins, infections and chemicals. This process is very simple and safe, and in this method, blood enters the device, which is exposed to oxygen and ozone, and within 60 to 90 minutes after cleaning, it enters the body again through a vein. This method leads to the improvement of physical performance, body balance, strengthening the immune system and increasing the body’s defense capacity. This method is recommended even for healthy people and to prevent diseases periodically, for example annually. 

People who have metabolic disease, immune system diseases or infectious diseases can benefit from this method. 

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Genomic Medicine at the European Laser Clinic

Genomics is defined as the study of human genes and gene interactions. It is used to diagnose a disease, predict the disease, prevent the disease and accurately treat the disease based on the characteristics of the same person’s body, for example predicting breast cancer in women or prostate cancer in men years  before its occurrence and then based on the type Blood cancer is a treatment solution and sometimes surgery is performed. This method is used in anti-aging treatments such as slowing down the speed of aging or genetic enhancement, and it brings the possibility of increasing life. This valuable service is offered at the European Clinic under the management of Dr. Michael Weber.

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Specialized packages for the treatment of impotence and men's health in the European clinic.

With the passing of time and increasing age, depending on the gender, the need for maintenance treatments is necessary to maintain men’s health. Sexual rehabilitation, improving sexual activity and increasing the power of ejaculation by methods such as ultrasound, platelet-rich plasma, stem cells, and exosome therapy. , 4th generation laser therapy can be achieved and these methods lead to the prevention of erectile dysfunction and impotence even in healthy people.Hair loss is another problem that occurs in men with age, hormone replacement treatments, advanced PRP (PRP), stem cell treatment, laser therapy and hair transplantation are among the services of the European Clinic, which are available in all branches of this clinic. On the other hand, decreasing testosterone in men can lead to decreased libido, obesity, depression and energy levels. In the European clinic, with laser therapy, vitamin therapy, peptide therapy, testosterone replacement therapy, etc., while treating this problem, the physical condition of the person is greatly improved. All these processes are performed by specialized medical teams under the supervision of Dr. Weber. 

Physical medicine and sports medicine services

In sports medicine, there is a possibility of sports injuries. In one of the most common methods, anti-inflammatory corticosteroids are injected into the affected areas. This method is not a treatment and in the long run it causes concerns for the health of the athletes. Physical medicine services are discussed in Europe Laser Clinic in two formats. The first format is to prevent and strengthen athletes and the second format is to treat previous injuries.In the first format, which is a preventive method, we have the endurance and restoration of the body, and in the second format, emphasis is placed on the processes of reconstruction and renewal. Methods such as stem cell activation, prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma (advanced PRP), advanced laser therapy with generation 4 (low power laser generation 4 and high power laser generation 4), laser acupuncture, orthokine therapy and… .

Along with the professional team of sports medicine, psychologist and nutritionist, vitamin therapy improves endurance and physical performance. Based on the sports style and desired level, the program and treatment plan are different.
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Peptide Therapy at the European Clinic

Peptides are natural proteins of the human body that regulate a wide range of body functions such as digestion, respiration, hormone release, immune system function, and increasing age, stress, improper diet, and adverse environmental conditions cause peptide degradation and thus increase weight, muscle weakness, respiratory and cardiovascular problems and the onset of aging symptoms.


Peptides can be injected directly into the bloodstream, muscle tissues, under the skin and have a wide range of applications such as regulating hormonal disorders, forming and regenerating blood vessels, healing wounds and injuries, hair regrowth, stimulating metabolic processes and fat burning, increasing bone density, increasing sexual powers, healing muscles, tendons, improving and strengthening memory, reducing sexual disorders of men and women, reducing wrinkles, reducing eye darkness, rejuvenating and releasing endorphins to reduce pain and… 

European Clinic, under the management of Dr. Michael Weber, offers a wide range of treatment methods in combination with the best technology in the world. 

Women's health package in Europe clinic

The European Clinic has two approaches to health and rejuvenation in women’s health. Rejuvenation of skin and appearance on one hand and system rejuvenation on the other hand is a special and exclusive method of Europe Clinic for women.In the discussion of women’s health, increasing sexual empowerment and sexual organs and the beauty of sexual organs, pain relief, reducing the aging process, increasing energy levels and using intratissue laser therapy, radio waves and ultrasound and other methods for fitness and Body beauty and fat burning, improvement of blood pressure disease and improvement of physical strength for better growth of hair and nails, on the other hand, are done using very effective combined methods. On the other hand, systemic rejuvenation is done to control the destruction of bones, muscles and desirable fats, which are effective in beauty, through intravenous lasers with very specific wavelengths, as well as the use of stem cell therapy intravenously, locally, and intratissuely. In addition, the use of completely natural substances that have anti-cancer and anti-aging properties is done under the supervision of specialist doctors. Get in touch with us.

Face and body design and modeling in the European clinic

Another service provided at the European clinic is facial modeling, which is done by a team of plastic surgeons using the world’s highest quality fillers, and wrinkles are reduced by Botox. Combined methods of filler, advanced PRP, exosome, stem cell, orthokine, etc. are performed for rejuvenation. Limited surgeries such as lift, blepharoplasty and temples can also be performed in this clinic.

Beauty services at the European clinic

In the European clinic include botox injection, gel injection, stem cell injection, advanced PRP injection, exosome injection and activator injection and skin boosters, Sculptra technique, BBL technique, conventional and radiofrequency microneedling, thread lift, mesotherapy, microneedling with a 24 carat gold needle and…

Botulism toxin (Botox) is a non-surgical method to eliminate wrinkles. Botox therapy has other applications in the field of orthopedics and neuromuscular problems.

biological drugs


Curcumin is the primary bioactive substance in turmeric. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and there is decent evidence that it can alleviate various conditions, from chronic pain to depression. For ages, curcumin has been used by mankind to treat chronic and serious medical conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease (AD), vitiligo, psoriasis, gastric and peptic ulcers, and many cancers. Curcumin is a potent photosensitizer for PDT in the treatment of psoriasis, tumors, infections and other diseases. Even in low concentrations curcumin acts phototoxic (to bacteria), proapoptotic, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulating, radioprotective, chemoprotective, antitumoral, antimetastatic, anti-angiogenetic, radio-sensitizing and chemo-sensitizing.


Extracts of the medicinal plant Artemisia annua L. (Annual Wormwood) have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than two thousand years. In the 1970s, the active substance artemisinin was identified and clinically characterized as an effective antimalarial drug. In several international studies the natural active ingredient artemisinin has been shown to have strong cytostatic effects on cancer cells.


Hypericin has been an integral part of naturopathy and empirical medicine for centuries and has been sufficiently proven and documented with regard to its effect, especially in the oral area, on mild to moderate depression. Nervousness, sleep disorders, depressed mood and neurovegetative symptoms, which often occur in connection with depression, can also be improved. With the help of high-dose hypericin (St. John’s wort) infusions, however, St. John’s wort is now also playing an increasingly important role in biological cancer therapy. It is also a powerful naturally occurring photosensitizer used in photodynamic therapy (PDT) for the treatment of cancer.


Also known as the “growth vitamin,” vitamin B2 is a water-soluble B vitamin. It exists both as inactive, unbound riboflavin, as a protein-bound form, and in two bioactive coenzyme forms: Flavin mononucleotide (FMN), also known as riboflavin 5′-phosphate (R5P), or as flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD). Both are important enzyme cofactors that regulate numerous metabolic processes and play a key role in many bodily functions: including energy production, growth, embryonic development, and the protection of nerve cells. Riboflavin selectively binds to DNA and can be photo-excited with low energy visible light of long wavelength light as it has an absorption peak at 447nm. In anti-microbial PDT Riboflavin is used to treat viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. When activated by light it deactivates pathogens in the blood.


Resveratrol can prevent the formation of cancer cells by preventing damage to our genes (DNA). If cancer cells already exist, resveratrol activates a self-destruction mechanism that leads to cell death. Malignant cells produce specific inflammatory markers that promote further growth and spread of cancer cells. Resveratrol inhibits the production of these markers at the genetic level and blocks further inflammation amplification.


Coenzyme Q10 plays a central role in mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It also functions as an antioxidant in cell membranes and lipoproteins.


The major component is boswellic acid, a 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor with anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects. It also demonstrated cytotoxic and radio-enhancing properties and has shown inhibition of tumor cell growth. Boswellia acids trigger apoptosis by activating the caspase-8 pathway and suppressing the anti-apoptotic transcription factor NF-kB. AKBA also inhibits topoisomerase, which is responsible for inhibiting apoptosis.


OLIPHENOLIAO® is the first product in the world to be based on olive-mill water from cold-pressed olives – „acqua mora” – in injection form. The basis of OLIPHENOLIA® i.v. is a liquid phytocomplex consisting of a natural mixture of the polyphenols gained from olives (hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein aglycone, tyrosol, verbascosides, chlorogenic acid, secologanosides alongside many others). By way of comparison, the concentration is 20 times higher than in extra virgin olive oil.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)

EGCG is the ester of epigallocatechin and gallic acid, and is a type of catechin. Catechins belong to the group of polyphenols. Polyphenols share various therapeutic effects against pathological conditions including cancer, inflammation, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. EGCG has been proven to have multiple effects on human pathological and physiological processes and its mechanisms are discrepant in cancer, vascularity, bone regeneration and nervous system.


Ginger – with its active ingredient shogaol – may have anti-cancer properties due to a cytotoxic effect on tumor stem cells, which are responsible for growth, resistance and metastasis. It stops mitosis (inhibits cell multiplication, tiggers apoptosis and has autophagy effects by inhibiting AKT/mTOR pathways). Based on studies, this has already been concretely demonstrated in breast and colon cancer cells. In addition, further study results show that ginger could be a promising agent in the context of cancer therapies.


DCA has an effect on blocked or altered mitochondria in the cells. If there is a disturbance in mitochondrial metabolism, DCA can completely reverse this disturbance and thus restore normal energy production. For decades, the active ingredient DCA has therefore been used to treat congenital mitochondrial dysfunctions or mitochondrio- pathies (genetic metabolic disorders). The potential efficacy of DCA in cancer therapy comes from metabolic properties of cancer cells, typically characterized by increased glycolytic activity and reduced mitochondrial oxidation.


The molecule has two forms – one active and one inactive. In its active form it is known as NAD+ and in its inactive form as NADH. It plays a role in converting food into energy, maintaining DNA integrity, and ensuring proper cellular function and repair. Yet humans only have the ideal level of NAD+ at birth, which we need as a particularly important coenzyme to fuel the body‘s metabolic activity and hence energy production. As we age, the level of NAD+ in our bodies naturally declines. This leads to our mitochondria being undersupplied, which impairs the way they function and results in dying cells, and we age. This explains why damage to our genetic makeup is less and less likely to be corrected at an advanced age and why, in turn, many types of disease can develop.


Up to 77% of cancer patients trust in the effect of mistletoe therapy, which usually means that they tolerate their cancer treatment better and improve their quality of life. Mistletoe therapy achieves this effect by, among other things, strengthening the immune system, reducing fatigue and normalizing mood, sleep and the sensation of warmth.